Based on article 14. of the Statute of the company AMP d.o.o. Brezje, Brezje 160, 40311 LOPATINEC, director Branko Klobučarić, on May 25th 2018, delivers the document:


This Statement on the protection of personal data for AMP d.o.o. from Brezje, Brezje 160, 40311 LOPATINEC, OIB 30059573845, applies from May 25, 2018. By using the company’s products and services, you entrust us with your personal data. This Statement describes what data we collect, how we process it and for what purposes we use it, as well as your rights related to your data.

The persons responsible for data protection are available via the following e-mail address:

Types of personal information we collect

We use the following personal data:

a) Basic personal data of employees and potential employees: name and surname, address, OIB, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and contact information, information from the identity card, bank account, citizenship, information on the type of contractual relationship and the content of the employment relationship.

This does not include data sensitive from the point of view of personal data protection, for example: about racial or ethnic affiliation, political and religious opinions or worldview, genetic data or data about health status.

b) Personal data that you or third parties make available to us when establishing and/or during the duration of the contractual relationship, such as contact information, bank account, authority to sign or represent, data on the use of the company’s products and services and their contents, description of the purchased and used products and services, method of use.

Personal data is taken directly from the respondent orally or in writing.

Processing purposes

The Company processes all types of your personal data for the following purposes:

  • for the purpose of fulfilling our legal (prescribed) obligations in the calculation of wages, registration and deregistration of workers, records of working hours of workers, employment of workers and the like.
  • for the purpose of executing a contract through the provision of services and accounting for the sale of goods/services in accordance with the applicable Obligations Act, for the purpose of concluding and executing a contract in which the respondent is a party, and for the purpose of fulfilling tasks that are carried out in the public interest.

We process your personal data for your inquiries in accordance with applicable regulations, as well as for the purpose of notification that we are required to provide in accordance with applicable regulations. For the purpose of selling goods / providing services, we can contact you using the information you have made available to us.

If you do not fulfill your contractual obligations, in order to protect ourselves as a creditor, we may forward appropriate personal data and use the services of natural and legal persons to collect our claims. Before we take such action, we will specifically notify you via the contact information you have provided, in order to give you an opportunity to comment.

During the contractual relationship, as well as after the termination of our contractual relationship, during a period of one year, we contact you through the following communication channels for which you have given us your consent:

  • email
  • social networks
  • written (mail)
  • fixed telephone network

Recipient or categories of recipients of personal data

As a rule, we do not forward or transfer your personal data to third parties, and they are securely stored on our server or on an external server that we choose, which sufficiently guarantees the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures in such a way that the processing is in accordance with the requirements of the General Protection Regulation personal data and that it ensures the protection of your rights.

We may pass your information on to third parties, such as delivery services that need to know your name and address in order to deliver products. Furthermore, to the extent we need it, your personal information may be shared with companies that provide services including marketing assistance, processing credit and debit card payments, providing customer service, and sending messages on our behalf. We will limit the personal information we provide to these companies and they will only have access to the information they need for their specific purposes. Certain of your information may be forwarded to the executive authorities of the Republic of Croatia at their request, in order to comply with legal or statutory obligations.

In principle, we delete your personal data within one year after the termination of the contractual relationship, except for data for which there is a legal obligation to keep documentation, in which case we delete it after the expiration of all legal obligations related to keeping personal data.

In the event that the procedure for forced collection of unpaid claims has been initiated or if a complaint has been lodged about the product or service within the deadline, we will keep your personal data until the final completion of the procedures in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The consents you have given us for contacting us and for other purposes that we have requested from you, outside of the scope of other grounds for collecting personal data, are valid until revoked, and you can revoke them at any time by electronic mail to the address

Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing that was based on consent before it was withdrawn.

Rights of users/respondents

Right to rectification: If we process your personal data that is incomplete or incorrect, you can ask us to correct or supplement it at any time.


Right to deletion: You can ask us to delete your personal data if we have processed them unlawfully or if this processing constitutes a disproportionate intrusion into your protected interests. Please note that there are reasons that prevent immediate deletion, such as statutory archiving obligations.

Right to restriction of distribution: You can ask us to restrict the distribution of your personal data:

  • if you dispute the accuracy of the data during the period that allows us to check the accuracy of the data,
  • if the processing of the data was unlawful, but you refuse the deletion and instead request the restriction of the use of the data,
  • if we no longer need the data for the intended purposes, but we still need them to fulfill legal requirements or
  • if you have filed an objection regarding the distribution of this data.

The right to the possibility of data transfer: You can ask us to deliver the data you have entrusted to us for archiving in a structured form, in a common machine-readable format:

  • if we process this data on the basis of the consent you have given us and which you can revoke or for the purpose of fulfilling our contract and
  • if the processing is done using automated processes.

Right to object: If we distribute your data for the performance of tasks of public interest or the tasks of public bodies or we refer to our legitimate interests during processing, you can file an objection against such processing if there is an interest in protecting your data.

Right to appeal: If you are of the opinion that we have violated Croatian or European regulations on data protection when processing your data, please contact us so that we can clarify any questions. You certainly have the right to appeal to the Croatian Data Protection Agency, or in the event of a change to the applicable regulations, to another authority that will take over its jurisdiction, and from May 25, 2018, to a supervisory authority within the EU.

Exercising your rights: If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us using the contact e-mail address

The director of the company makes a decision on persons responsible for the protection of personal data, as well as a decision on persons authorized to monitor, collect, process, use and provide personal data, in addition to the employer.

In case of doubt, we may request additional information to verify your identity. This serves to protect your rights and privacy.

If you use any of the above rights too often and with the obvious intent of abuse, we may charge an administrative fee or refuse to process your request.

Changes to the privacy statement

This Privacy Statement may change from time to time in accordance with legislation or industry developments. We will not explicitly notify our customers or website users of these changes. Instead, we encourage you to periodically check this page for any changes to this Statement.

In Brezje, May 25th 2018.

Director Branko Klobučarić