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Category: Doypack bags

Doypack stand-alone ellipse-bottomed bags are used to pack a wide range of food products, from juice packing (when a place for a straw is also incorporated into the bag) to packaging dry fruits such as dried figs, plums and the like. Doypack bags often have a ZIP zipper so that the costumer can close the bag again after first opening and preserve the quality and shelf life of the food.

Different foil compositions can be used to make Doypack, depending on the product being packaged. These are generally DUPLEX or TRIPLEX sandwich sheets, 65 to 95 microns thick. We customize the dimensions and printing of Doypack bags to meet customer requirements.

The advantages of Doypack bags:

they preserve the freshness, durability, aroma and taste of the product
the zipper allows the bags to be open and closed whenever necessary
they prevent leaking
the bags are stand-alone

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